Writing this cookbook has shown me how much I truly love food and cooking. I always say- “ I might can’t give people money, but I don’t mind blessing them with a good hearty meal!”  I will always keep it Kaliente in and out of the kitchen.  In this book you will see my love for cooking,  my family, my  friends and myself. Even through the good and bad memories, I have truly enjoyed every minute of cooking!

This cookbook will give you all the basic cooking essentials whether you are looking for a quick meal, planning a girls night, or just inviting family over to eat; you will be sure to please their palates.

Sharlene Parker was born and raised in Bay Minette, Alabama. As a little girl she was always willing and ready to get in the kitchen. Her love for cooking started when she would help her step mother prepare meals for the family. There is nothing wrong with blessing someone with a GOOD hearty meal, especially one that is made with lots of love and soul.
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